Attention parents! If you want to be involved in your child's life, become their best friend.

Attention parents! If you want to be involved in your child's life, become their best friend.

Parenting has no shortcuts and neither is any method. It is an ever-learning process with lots and lots of understanding. This is the most beautiful and strongest bond of all the relationships. Being a parent is not an easy feat, you need to have a lot of patience, courage and love to get involved in their life.

You are the first friend and this friendship goes a long way which will mould your child's behaviour and build their character. You should always be very cautious and also very understanding to help them and guide them in their life's journey. Over the period, your child will look up to you and the best way to help them is to become their friend. This way you can inculcate good habits, learnings and values. Though there are no particular methods yet we have outlined a few for you to get an overall idea.

Be their playmate

Children love to play and you can become their partner. While you play games with them it will make the relationship much stronger and both of you will cherish it forever. It will not only help him see you in a new light but also bridge any gap in your mutual relationship.

Take interest in their hobbies

Another very effective way to be involved in their life and understand their needs is to take interest in their interests. Have a movie night together it can be anything. Kids love animation and adventure movies, watch with them, take interest and discuss the plots this will strengthen your bind further. Watching the Harry Potter series on a Friday night with kids is not going to be such a bad idea after all.

Visit their favourite place

Children have their favourite place where they want to hang out. Make plans and rather let them choose the place of their choice. This will make them feel valued and special. They will also be more enthusiastic and involved in the whole process. And you will be a step further in becoming close to them. How about having a vacation in Disneyland?

Involve them in your daily routine

Children always look up to their parents and they almost imitate to become like them. Involving them in your daily routine will increase their aspirations and you will be much closer to them. Let them help you in your chores, helping you shop daily groceries or just do him cleaning. This way you will spend more time and create a bond.

Appreciation works like magic

Who doesn't like a little praise or feel appreciated? Children too love them if they are appreciated for their efforts. If you want to be their friend take appreciation very seriously. This will boost their confidence and they will feel more responsible toward any job. Good words act as a catalyst, be genuine and make them feel valued and important.

Make food they love

Food is the medium to make a great bond. The way to their heart is through the stomach. Cook their favourite food more often. Share the recipe, ask for their opinion, involve them in the process. And eventually, you will grow closer to them. After you have cooked, share the joy of eating together and appreciate them for their choice of food.

Share your experiences

Being questioned is not something anyone likes, instead share your experiences and memories which will intrigue them. You can always start by sharing about your childhood and how things were different from now. Talk about things that they would take interest in, maybe games or music or just simple stories. Make it interesting so that they can also share their experiences with you.

Give them their space

Everyone needs their own space. Yeah, it is important to keep an eye on them but for them to grow strong, build confidence and be brave you have to sometimes leave them alone. This is the time they will explore their capabilities and learn about themselves which is a big help for you too.

It's not a hard job but you have to put in a lot of effort to be your child's best friend. Be patient, it will take time but eventually, you will see the difference. Remember that if you become your child's best friend, you will cherish a beautiful strong bond forever. Understand your child's needs and guide them through along with that you need a little smartness to help your child. With time you will find the bond is just getting better. This is all you need to know. Though these points are not absolute but an outline for you to explore and understand. In the end, you have to make your choice and break the ice to become their best friend. Parents you are doing a great job, be proud of yourself and all the best.

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