Cracking JEE entrance exams

Cracking JEE entrance exams

Introduction -

JEE is one exam that is a dream for some and a nightmare for some. Becoming an engineer and studying your favourite subject is a dream come true moment, yet to achieve this dream you have to work hard, be vigilant and always be positive. Before penning this blog, it is a reminder to all the aspirants that this exam is not your end goal. Your end goal is to be satisfied with what career you choose, achieve success and be happy.

Every year thousands of students sit for this exam and the success rate is nearly 5%. In this blog, we are going to focus on the JEE main exam. This year in June the first exam will be held and then in July, time is short hence you must start preparing early. You have to be dedicated, determined and have the right approach to crack the exam. It is tough and therefore you just have to be methodical and have a plan.

Your strategy is to crack JEE main with the best study material, mock tests and solve previous years' questions.

Prepare for success-

A majority of students start preparing from the 11th standard but if you are dedicated you can crack it easily. Prepare for JEE along with your board exam. It will be ideal and helpful. This will give you a headstart and you will understand the concepts better when taught in school. Acing the test also depends on students' ability but you must have a plan to achieve your success.

Planning -

As you start to plan, the first question comes as to how long you should study? It is up to you how much time you want to dedicate. Next is how much syllabus you need to cover in the given time. It is going to be tough, hence you should prepare.

The right approach accompanied by a preparation plan is all required to ace JEE Main. Here are some tips that you need to follow for your exam.

  • Check JEE Main syllabus
  • Understand JEE Main exam pattern
  • Analyse JEE Main previous year question papers
  • Select best books for JEE Main 2022 preparation
  • Make a timetable for studying with dedicated time for each subject and revision
  • Revise regularly what you study
  • Solve mock test papers

It will not be easy to crack the exam but with a proper plan and strategy, you can easily win.

Have a clear understanding of the syllabus. There are physics, chemistry, and mathematics which cover both 11&12. The main exam is from the prescribed syllabus, therefore, you must know which subject to give weightage. The syllabus is very big and exhaustive and covers almost all the aspects of the exam. Once you have covered the syllabus then focus on some important topics that have more weightage on the main paper. This will give you the chance to score high.

Important subjects -

The main paper is divided into sections such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. All three are equally important. As a student, you must ensure to cover all the syllabus for all three.

Physics is all about concepts and logic. It can become tougher but start getting the concepts clear. Students usually fear this subject most, therefore you must give extra attention to this subject.

Chemistry is a subject that is generally ignored because it involves a lot of memorisation. However, if studied in the right manner, most of the concepts in chemistry are quite intuitive and logical.

Mathematics is said to have an exhaustive syllabus because of the countless number of topics. It is extremely challenging for students to manage. That's where you need to play smart and focus on most scoring topics.

Understanding the JEE main exam pattern -

Questions asked in the JEE Main exam are objective (MCQs). There is a catch, it has negative marking therefore it is important for candidates to ensure 100% correct answers. Guesswork won't help.

Analyse JEE's main previous year's question papers

Previous question papers play a crucial role. JEE Main question papers will help evaluate the preparation level, strong and weak points and time management.

Solve JEE main mock test

It is very much advised that students solve mock tests regularly in time-bound surroundings. Solving mock tests will help in analysing the preparation level and also improve problem-solving habits.


A sound exam preparation largely depends upon the books you study from. You need a properly fixed timetable to crack the exam. It is advised that students make a timetable with dedicated time for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Also, assign a time slot for revision. It is very important to revise what you study. The best practice would be to revise all you study in a day before going to bed.

Important Tips and Tricks for JEE Main Preparation -

Tips and tricks by experts are very important during preparation. It will help in making the preparation easier and achieving the goal more smartly.

  • Make short notes of important formulas and topics.
  • Use these short notes for revision.
  • Study regularly and don't skip the timetable.
  • Revise the topics daily that you study
  • Solve Chapter wise mock tests after completion of a chapter and full-length mock tests after the entire syllabus is completed.
  • Practice time management. You must utilise three hours in the exam hall effectively without anxiety.

Hope now you have a clear idea about what and how to study. To boost your preparation, at Search Your Courses we have a plethora of courses, mock tests and subject wise courses to help you ace the test easily. Visit our site, select, compare and then buy the one that is needed for you.

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