How to Prepare for NEET-JEE?

How to Prepare for NEET-JEE?

After 10 when you take up science almost 75% of students dream of becoming engineers or doctors and that means the preparation of NEET- JEE. This is one of the most competitive exams that students have to undertake to fulfil their dream. Needless to say, it is one of the hardest and students go through rigorous training and pressure and only the best minds in the country get the taste of victory with good ranks.

The preparation is tough and those who are determined, persistent and consistent will pass with flying colours. The course is huge and it is tough for even brilliant minds to crack to get a better ranking.

We at Search Your Courses have delved deep and have come up with a plethora of courses to help students in their preparation. The courses range on various levels, from basic to advanced. While we will talk about them in detail later or you could check them out yourself on this link, let us focus on the not-so-few pointers that you as a NEET/JEE aspirant or the parent of a NEET/JEE aspirant should take care of.

So, here we go!

Things to consider before you start to prepare for NEET-JEE

Before you start to prepare for NEET-JEE prepare a strategy to study smart rather than study all. Try to start with the subject in the syllabus that has maximum weightage like Maths, Physics and chemistry.

Always practise the previous year papers regularly to analyze how well you have understood the concepts. Also, make sure that you do this practice in an exam-like environment only i.e. in a time-bound fashion and with full accuracy.

Make a timetable from early morning hours till night and allot equal study hours to each subject. Over time, you will be able to realise your strengths and weaknesses and hence, your timetable will change accordingly. Don't study for too long. Take short breaks from study. Go for short walks, and a healthy diet keep your mind and body fresh. Though you need to spend a lot of time studying, yet, these activities or breaks will ensure that your brain cells remain equally active too! A burnt-out brain doesn’t comprehend much- always remember that! Take very good care of your health. As it says the healthy mind is a healthy body. Good nutritious food and good night sleep are very crucial.

Daily revision is the most important in preparing for any competitive exams. So, at the end of the day, make sure that you go through all that you studied during the day.

Having said that, let us now look at some of the important resources that can help you plan your preparation better!

The Resources to be Kept Handy for NEET/JEE Preparation

Apps to Prepare for NEET-JEE:

Several mobile apps are solely dedicated to NEET/JEE for the preparation, tips, mock tests, revisions and sample papers, question papers of previous years. Some of such mobile apps are mentioned below:




Books and Authors to Refer to Prepare for NEET-JEE:

NCERTS for different subjects are not sufficient but enough to study and prepare, books of True man Publications, MTG Editorial Board, H.C.verma, D.C. Pandey, O.P.Tandon and M.S.Chauhan.

Important topics to Consider for NEET/JEE Preparation

Physics: Candidates must pay attention to Modern Physics, Magnetism, Heat and Thermodynamics, Oscillations, Electro Dynamics, Wave Optics, Semiconductors, Rigid Body Dynamics, etc.

Chemistry: Candidates should pay attention to both Organics And Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Atomic Structure, Coordination Compounds, Organic Chemistry-I, Chemical Equilibrium And Acids, P Block Elements, Carbonyl Compounds, Etc.

Biology: Candidates make sure to pay attention to both the topics of Botany and Zoology, Planning, Diversity and Classification, Reproductive Health, Biodiversity, Polygenic Inheritance, Mendelian Disorders, Plant Anatomy, Pollination, DNA Replication, Photosynthesis, Page Theory, etc.

Prepare for NEET-JEE–The Expert Advice!

Pay full focus on the concepts rather than practising more and more questions. Also, try not to learn the steps. Instead, understand the logic behind why whatever was done. This will prepare you for any new questions that might come in the exam. Clear your doubts as soon as possible. Be in touch with your faculties

Go through the terminologies and definitions deeply because the concept is hidden in the terms only. Sounds unusual right but consider this- the kind of resistance that a Capacitor will offer in an electric circuit is right there in the definition of it!

While attempting the questions, focus on not just solving but solving by elimination too

Prefixes are a good indicator and identifier of the question’s quantitative and qualitative characteristics, so always remember them and take a note because a single decimal will change the answer and the paper setter knows where students falter.

Candidates should prepare mnemonic phrases for series and classifications, kingdom, elements and use of the group elements’ initials- this one holds particularly true for NEET aspirants because there is just so much to learn, and rote learning matters!

Managing timings is the critical factor in cracking the exam, solving the questions on time, and correcting too. You can build the same by practising mock tests. Also, make sure that the last 20 days of your preparation are dedicated to testing practice only.

If you are searching for courses that would give you a boost to your preparation. Search your courses have envisioned different types for you subject wise. All you need to do is come to our website and buy the course that is best suited for you. All the best!

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