The exam season is here!

The exam season is here!

The pressure cooker time of the year! Where students, parents and teachers deal with it every year.

Exams and exam season kick-off and every household becomes a terrifying place. There is no respite from tension, nervousness and stress. Along with students, parents also go through the same trauma and anxiety. And that is one of the reasons why exam seasons in India see a lot of troubles, suicides and also dropouts. The picture of being failed in an exam is horrific and more than the result, our society takes a jab to nab the one for being a failure. What anyone doesn't understand is that it's just an exam, your effort should matter more than the result. On top of that, the uncanny competition of winning the rat race is exhausting both for students and parents. Yet, we live in a world where competition plays an important role and winners are given the highest place in society. Every student goes through a certain level of stress, adding an extra one becomes a burden. While a certain amount of stress is good to make students aware of their situation but extra pressure will only lead to bad results.

It is shameful to say and read that according to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), in the five years leading to 2015, 39,775 students killed themselves. We as parents are destroying the future generation with extra peer pressure and stress. India has one of the world’s highest suicide rates for youth aged 15 to 29, according to a 2012 Lancet report, which illustrated the need for urgent interventions for this demographic.

The attempt to suicide is much higher and this brings us to one question, that is what are we achieving by giving more pressure on our children? Life is not a race and everyone has their own pace of doing things. And that should be celebrated always!

Pinpoint the causes why children get more stressed during exams are many.

Expectations of parents - As parents have a lot of dreams and desires for their children. This is mostly their unfulfilled dreams and desires which they reflect upon their children. This high expectation from children pressures them to perform well in exams. This pressure creates so much stress that most children find it better to give up.

Peer pressure

Our society is another culprit that exerts unwanted pressure on children. The expectations to perform are very much difficult for a child to cope. Yet, we tend to ignore the fact and without understanding, we give them unrealistic expectations. They want to do their best work so that they do not let anyone down with their performance. This pressure to do well can heighten exam stress. Also, if a student is working toward a scholarship or particular academic goal, performing well on a test will be of paramount importance. Students may perceive themselves to compete with others, and the competition may heighten their anxiety levels.

Internal Pressure

Every student goes through an internal turmoil to do well and succeed. And on top of that family also extra pressure on them. If the student wants to be the very best, poor performance on a test may be a great fear. If the student spends too much time thinking about how difficult the exam is and worrying about the outcome of the test, this negative approach will increase exam stress.

Lack of Preparation

A certain level of nervousness is always present in every student. Sometimes preparation plays a very significant in exams.

When students do not feel that they have properly covered the reading material, feelings of nervousness and anxiety will sweep over them as they walk into the exam room. This is why it is important to study regularly and well in advance so that at the last moment there is no rush. Rushing at the last minute can increase the anxiety level and higher the stress level.

Here we have sighted a few conditions which tightened the level of stress but there are more. Parents must look for the signs of what is troubling their children. Any child needs to grow in a healthy environment which will increase their confidence level and thereby they will perform well in the given exam.

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Now it is important to deal with these kinds of stresses that become a hurdle for a child.

Exercise and go outdoors

Exercising or taking a walk is a great way to release pressure. Go out for a walk in nature or head towards the gym or swimming pool to sweat out the fear and anxiety. As well as keeping you healthy, exercise is known to boost your mood and can help to make you more productive while revising.

Don’t (always) listen to others

As the old saying goes, “comparison is the thief of joy”. While it is helpful to discuss topics with fellow students and often revise together, try not to compare other peoples’ revisions to your own. Chances are you’re doing just fine, and listening to other people talk about what they’ve learnt will only stress you out and may make you feel like you aren’t progressing as well as them. Plus, if they are stressed, this can rub off on you and other people’s stress is not what you need right now.

Speak to someone

It is one of the hardest things to do but it is very important to release your stress. When you become overwhelmed and it starts to affect your daily routine, try to speak to someone about it. Tell someone whom you can trust and seek their advice. You’ll be amazed to know that you aren’t alone in feeling like this.

Exam season will come every year and every year a lot of children will go through unwanted stress and anxiety. As elders, we can help them to lighten their burden. No exam is more important than a child's life or mental wellbeing.

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