Women's Day

Women's Day

Education of a girl child...

Women's Day is here and it is that time of the year when we glorify women, their contributions and why it is necessary to help them grow. In this context, there is one thing that we need to mention, women's day should not be celebrated just for a day rather everyday. Every day we must celebrate a girl child or a woman and help them grow. While speaking of growth, education is the foremost important factor that helps in overall development. Education is the only ammunition that can better the life of a girl or a woman.

Statistics have shown that women's education is not taken seriously. Most of them drop out even before they go to high school. They are married off very soon or for family issues or monetary issues, their education is not given priority. Due to this women especially in village areas are illiterate. Illiteracy is a big problem and we need to find a solution that will augment women's education. Though a lot of non-profit organisations have taken the initiative with night schools and huddle schools, yet there is still a gap.

Educating a woman makes a lot of difference, not only does it help in their progress and future but also bring a change in other people's lives. While you educate a woman, she can impart that education to her children, bettering their lives. She can also find ways to better her life and the lives around her. Recently we have seen how a girl Jyothi, from a small village, helped in educating the people in her village. She is helping them to understand how to communicate with people and earn a better living. Previously these people from the village were deprived and fooled. They were so illiterate that they couldn't even speak properly, couldn't even name their child. Safeena Hussain is also helping people from her village to understand the importance of education and go to school. Pushpa Sagar from Rajsthan is also doing the same to augment women's education. From several parts of India, we see women are coming together and helping people, especially women to help them in their education. These have brought a big change in the social circle as well. The violence against women has seen a dip and women can better present themselves. The up liftment of society will only happen when we help them get the necessary education. An educated woman will have the power to enhance her life in many ways. A better job and security and living a better and more fulfilling life. They can learn about their rights and can make informed decisions.

Distance learning is a way in which women are taking a lot of interest. It is helping them to make use of the time and complete the task at their own pace. Online education is also very relevant these days. Google has taken an initiative to help women of India with their education. They are providing necessary books and classes to empower women of Indian villages. Other tech giants are also participating in the same to uplift women in society. Many organisations are also providing work along with education so that they can support their education and life. This has brought a big change and women are now more interested.

Organisations are also impacting professional skills which are helping them to get better jobs and life. There are scholarships and grants are also available from the government and organisations to help women to educate.

The momentum of our society will only change when we empower women. To educate a woman they need support from their family and friends. Everyone must understand the importance of women's education and support them to go further. A girl child or a woman is entitled to have equal rights in terms of education, therefore we must support women's education so that our nation can progress.

At Search Your Courses, we wholeheartedly support the education of girl children and women. We believe education is the path to enlightenment that can better their lives and future. We want every woman in this country to enjoy equal rights as any other gender. They should have equal facilities to fulfil their dreams and be the person they want to be. Women are equally strong as men therefore we must celebrate them every day and support them so that they can flourish in the future.

On this Women's Day let's remind us how special a girl child is and how we need to celebrate and cherish them not just one day but every day. They are the symbol of power, care, love and life therefore it is our job to empower them in every way possible. Let's start by giving them proper education and helping them to find their way.

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