Happiness Day

Happiness Day

What is your child's happiness quotient?

Happiness is a state of emotion where you gain hope and health. Every individual needs to have a happy state of mind in every sphere of life. Wise says then you are happy it has a positive impact on your overall well being. As much as adults need their happiness, even children too need to be happy inside and out. Most times we think that children are happy, but on the contrary, they feel every emotion very deeply which will be with them for the rest of their life. A happy child will grow into a fine person and parents and elders must keep up their happy quotient. There are several impacts of a happy child. Let's read through the blog to get more ideas.

"Happiness is the highest form of health.” – Dalai Lama

To give your child a happy, fulfilling and healthy life happiness is the only key. Happiness is the life forming factor that ensures a child is growing into a healthy individual. Researchers have shown that when a child feels happy from within, certain chemicals secrete that help in fuelling the process of growth and learning simultaneously. Just like every other facet of life, a child's happiness must be given equal focus so that they find happiness from their surroundings and not associate it with material wealth. A smile can turn physiology around.

Better Eating Habits and Appetite

A happy child is more amiable with the food menu and throws fewer tantrums. Researchers have found that children who stay irate tend to refuse meals and fuss over food. Lack of happiness of mind often ends up depriving itself of essential nutrients by refusing to take adequate nutrition-rich food. A happy child would consume any food with a smile which ensures a healthy life and strong immunity. Hence, happiness has a direct relation with the food intake that, in turn, decides the standards of physical health to a great extent.

Enhanced Brain Agility

Happiness contributes hugely to brain development and agility. When a child is mentally sound owing to the secretions that boost the functioning of the brain. A smiling kid and a peaceful mind, the child feels light-hearted which helps them to invest their brainpower and their imagination level. It also helps them to manage and construct tasks easily. Lack of happiness is a state of mind that needs attention and mending. The brain works towards it to bring it back to the light of joy. If a child is lacking happiness it will only exhaust their brain making it less available and ready for creative tasks. This indicates how the overall mental health of a child gets altered with the level of happiness.

Improved Energy Levels

A happy child stays agile and active. According to physicians happiness can boost their physical development. When a child laughs or enjoys a moment with all his/her heart, oxygen flow to the cells increases and the same improves the energy level of the kids as well. Hence, happiness has a direct connection with the level of energy your child has. The happier a child is, the healthier he/she would be. Hence, make sure that your child always stays in high spirits to ensure good health for him/her.

Better Social Communication

When you have a happy child, your child will become friendly eventually. He/she will gel with the others and their surroundings.

This will also help them in mining their communication and socializing skills more easily than other children. If a child is happy, he/she would go out more frequently, talk to others with a smile on their face, and make friends. All these contribute to maintaining the mental as well as physical health of a child besides making him/her a well-behaved individual.

Happiness is a pivotal aspect of the holistic development of a child. It is also holistic learning on how to stay happy. Be it in studies or play or any other activities a child must have enjoyed and with happiness. Happy children lead a better life which in turn makes parents' life also better. Thus in Search Your Courses we have a plethora of courses to augment a child's mental and physical development. We make sure that every child is happy from within and we as adults should ensure their happiness at every cost. Our courses are aligned with every child's needs and according to their pace of learning. Plus we also have many more fun courses where a child can entertain themselves whilst learning new things. Exploration is also a way to a child's happiness keeping that in mind we have aligned many summer courses. We emphasize happy learning more than anything else. Every child is special and they must be treated with equal respect. We want to provide a positive environment where a child can grow stress-free and enjoy their growing up. This Happiness Day, let's ensure to give every child the happiness they deserve.

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