How to teach english to kids online
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How to teach English to kids online?

How to teach english to kids online


English is the second global language and learning English is imperative to keep pace with the changing world. English as a subject has been incorporated into the school curriculum from the starting years only. This is done to create a foundation for the child to become proficient in English and face the world with full confidence. While adults take access to English classes to learn English, kids can learn in their schools only. With the sudden outbreak of the virus, the schools were shut down, and kids adapted to the digital learning mode. With things becoming digitalised, the demand for English teaching teachers has increased around the world. And kids spending most of the time at home is the best time to brush their English by learning English online.  Teaching English to kids online is quite a challenging task. There is a vast difference between teaching in a classroom and teaching through the computer screen. The teacher needs to ensure that such ways are adopted, which makes teaching fruitful and fun at the same time. We, as mentors, therefore, need to understand the best way to teach kids English.

Best ways to teach English to kids online

The most important thing to remember to teach English to kids online is to make them feel comfortable and useful. Give them full attention, always be pleasant and smile while talking. Always try to deliver quality work and engage students in the lessons you are teaching.  Let’s discuss some of the ways on how to teach English to kids online in an engaging manner.

  1. Prepare your classroom– the first and foremost thing to teach English to kids online is to prepare your classroom as you do physically in the school. Teaching from home or online doesn’t mean that you will not prepare the class before the kids join your class, though virtually. One needs to dedicate a specific workspace that is free from any distractions and noise. The area should be clean and well managed to feel comfortable and have the traditional classroom’s vibe. This will ensure better involvement and concentration among kids.
  2. Start gradually and speak slowly- it usually takes time for the kids to understand and catch anything new to them or are learning. Even when you talk to them in their native language, it takes time for them to understand. So, when you introduce them to a whole different language, you need to be slow and gradual in your approach—using shorter sentences and words, taking regular breaks and pauses so that kids understand it correctly and clear their queries. It is advisable to be soft in tone. This way, they will take the lesson better and effectively.
  3. Break into pieces- one of the best ways to teach kids English is to break the matter into small parts to take it at a time and understand it fully. You might have come across such instances when you give children a set of instructions, but they follow only two or three and forget the rest because those directions are given all at once. They take what they perceive and forget the rest. So, the matter must be divided into sections so that children can take all the instructions slowly and steadily. This applies to teaching English as well. Divide the topic into smaller sections for better understanding. This will help kids follow the information and also improve how they categorize the information in their memory.
  4. Using visual and teaching aids– one way to teach English to kids online-uses props and visual aids that make the content more engaging and retain the information more effectively. Kids learn more effectively through videos and visual aids. Teaching by showing them videos, stories, and objects will help in understanding the content better. Using PPTs and slideshows to explain the content will also help in better student engagement. Plus children will show more interest and will enjoy learning English. 
  5. Use of audio and video components- teaching, in the same manner, can become monotonous and boring at times. Using different audio and video components now and then presenting the information diversely and interestingly. Sing a song. Watch a conversation in English. Recite words and phrases to a beat. Use a different accent. These ways can catch the kids’ attention and help them engage and be involved in learning effectively.
  6. Learning by fun- involve the kids in some activities like playing music, chatting about a particular topic, connecting it with the real world, or using a drawing tool. These activities help the child in engaging better in the classroom and motivates them to learn English.
  7. Organize quizzes– you can also organize quizzes every other day to make the learning session more fun and interesting, instead of conducting the usual pen and paper test to assess the child’s performance. You can conduct quizzes, which will be more exciting and fun for the kids. 
  8. Use games and flashcards– children take everything better if it is in a gamified manner. Teaching English through games or play can improve the topic’s memory retention and make it more interesting. Flashcards also work very effectively to explain the content in a better way. Many tools can be used to make flashcards. There are free web-based apps that allow you to easily create and share flashcards such as Kahoot, cram, or Gimkit. 
  9. Give rewards- To motivate students, the teacher should give them tips by making an online leaderboard. Rewarding students for their hard work gives them the motivation to perform consistently and attempt to outdo their previous efforts.

How is CampXeye helping to teach English to kids online?

Learning to communicate in English is necessary to survive in the 21st century, both personally and professionally.  And if you are on a search to find suitable online classes for English for your kids. Then you can visit the link. We are India’s first digital education marketplace that offers you a comprehensive and well-built curriculum for the child. We have content that is engaging and is in gamified form.  We have self-learning spoken English given by Cambridge qualified teachers who have years of experience in teaching English. They also have a self-learning English app, which will make you speak English confidently and quickly. Their two-way live video between students and teachers, and pre-assessment tests helps in understanding the concept better. 

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